Day 1 - 26 November 2021


12.00-13.00 Arrival, lunch and registration at the venues
13.00-13.10 Welcome
Kari Alhainen
Session 1: Genetics of migraine
13.10-13.30 Genetic aspects and latest findings
Speaker: Aarno Palotie
13.30-13.50 Clinical Implications
Speaker: Mikko Kallela
13.50-14.10 Discussion
Moderator: Messoud Ashina
14.10-14.30 Break
Session 2: New targets: Neuropeptides and ion channels
14.30-14.50 PACAP and VIP
Speaker: Debbie Hay
14.50-15.10 Targeting ion channels
Speaker: Messoud Ashina
15.10-15.30 Discussion
Moderator: Mattias Linde
15.30-16.00 Break
Session 3: Specific issues of anti-CGRP treatment
16.00-16.20 Safety and tolerability, wearing-off
Speaker: Dagny Holle-Lee
16.20-16.40 Combination therapy and switching
Speaker: Tine Poole
16.40-17.00 Discussion
Moderator: Mattias Linde
17.00-17.10 Wrap up day 1
Mikko Kallela
Dinner at the venues at different times

Day 2 - 27 November 2021


Session 4: Chronic and Episodic Migraine - distinct states or different sides of the coin?
09.00-09.20 Pathophysiological Aspects
Speaker: Koen Paemeleire
09.20-09.40 Epidemiological and clinical aspects
Speaker: Zaza Katsarava
09.40-10.00 Discussion
Moderator: Mikko Kallela
10.00-10.30 Break
Session 5: Different reimbursement strategies of anti-CGRP monoclonal antibodies in Nordic countries – a clinical or political decision?
10.30-10.50 Societal burden of migraine
Speaker: Mattias Linde
10.50-11.10 Discrepancy between the recommendations and reimbursement regulations of the anti-CGRPs in the Nordics
Speaker: Lars Bendtsen
11.10-11.30 Impact on patients
Speaker: Elena Ruiz de la Torre
11.30-11.50 Discussion
Speaker: Tine Poole
11.50-12.10 Break
Session 6: Digital aids helping towards precision medicine in headache management
12.10-12.30 The Headache Calculator - A diagnostic tool
Speaker: Tine Poole
12.30-12.50 Intelligent digital technology in migraine management: examples from NTNU, Norway
Speaker: Anker Stubberud
12.50-13.00 Discussion
Moderator: Mattias Linde
13.00 Wrap up Day 2 and summary of the meeting
Mikko Kallela
13.10 Lunch at the venues

All timings are CET

The agenda is subject to change

To Teva Denmark's knowledge the meeting is in compliance with the rules of ENLI and will be reported to ENLI prior to the meeting.